Rogue Gamers - D&D 5e game

The Vault

So we were sent to this vault to help with an Iron Golem situation (and to eventually deposit the Hand of Madness). This is, apparently, the same golem that Del had a run in with when he was a soldier.

So far, this vault has been full of new creatures to fight. There have been Beholders, Gargoyles, possessed suits of armor, and an enchanted table(?). There haven't been any signs of life for the guild members that should be here,. In fact, it's been very opposite. We've found a plethora of corpses/skeletons. We've managed to search a lot of the facility so far. There is a locked door that leads to the central vault of the facility, we think; and a good amount of doors that are magically enchanted. We haven't tried opening any of these doors because we'd rather clear the location of monsters before potentially falling into a trap. Another interesting thing about this place is the very large room that's imbued with life magic and has large carvings on the wall that are of symbols/languages that we don't understand. We still haven't found the golem, but it's seeming like we're getting close to the physical door of the vaults (we came in via teleportation). So far, no one has actually died. The bard nearly did, but made her throws pretty quickly.

This last session is the one where we fought the suits of armor. There were 2 strong ones and 6 weaker ones. We managed to divide and conquer them; taking care of the 2 strong ones first, then splitting the 6 weaker ones into two groups of three. We left off meeting Mattock back at the room we teleported into, aka base camp.



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