Jonas Heath

Leader of our Guild


Jonas grew up on the outskirts of the Druid Grove and at an early age, learned respect for the wild. This lead him to train as a Ranger, hoping to make it in to the illustrious Adventurer’s Guild. He became a good trapper and made a living off of fur trading. Sadly, this choice of living caused the Guild to pass on his application. He continued his trade, making contacts with various groups and merchants.

It was after he became a successful businessman that the Guild then approached him. Beause he was liked by the nobility and the merchants as well as having good business accumen, the Guild recruited him to become the Guildmaster. During his initial training, the previous Guildmaster died. Jonas was able to pick up the pieces and the Guild has been running well ever since.

He is currently the head of the Adventure Guild, and has been directing Adventuring Parties for many years. He was never actually an Adventurer. He does not seem to know a lot about the history of the guild.

When the party needs direction, we report to him for information. He lets the group know what is happening and where. The Adventurers are supposed to report to him and check in via rocky talky, but they are not very good at that.

Jonas Heath

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