Rogue Gamers - D&D 5e game

List of Items

Time for Bartering!

We need to go over things we want to keep and use, store for later, and sell. Here is a list of things I know we have so far. This is not a complete list, but I am getting pretty close. 

Don’t sell

·         Ring of curiosity gives advantage of investigation checks. Once a day Get an epiphany, Treated like a natural roll 20 on investigation check.

·         Book of the sea – Everyone benefits from it.



·         Golden dinnerware set

·         Helmet of Not breathing

·         Ring of acid resistance

·         amulet of proof against detection

·         short sword +1

·         K's ointment. 1d4+1 doses. When used as an action, 2d8+2 hit points, ceases to be poisoned, and cures any disease.

·         Magic Warhammer

·         +1 longsword

·         +1 Crossbow

·         2 potions greater healing

·         2 scrolls of thunder wave

·         scroll of comprehend language

·         scroll of water breathing or water breathing scroll

·         scroll of flesh to stone

·         ion stone of protection

·         drift globe

·         Potion of heroism – one hour after drinking it. 10 hit points. under the bless spell. Steams and bubbles as if boiling.

·         Potion of mind reading- gain the detect minds spell. purple with pink cloud

·         ever burning torch

·         helm of telepathy



·         bundle of rope

·         pair of silver daggers

·         small copper pot

·         bottle of something

·         silver knife

·         obsidian statue of a woman with an eye carved in her chest

Loose gold

·         pouch 1g 12s 16c

·         robed skeleton 13s

·         alter 85 gold

Random mundane

·         2 daggers

·         2 short sword

·         4 spears

·         2 crude wooden shield

·         silver butterfly pendant

·         stuff to make bug armor

·         8 great axes


Most likely to sell

Golden Dinnerware set

Scroll of flesh to stone



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