Keno Cendrillion

Firesoul Genasi Druid


Keno Cendrillion

Keno is a Firesoul Genasi that is working on becoming a strong Druid. (almost explained what that means, but if you’re reading this, you probably already know; if you don’t, google it)

Keno’s life story: Keno’s parents had been trying to have a baby for years with no success. They heard there was a genie that was granting people’s wishes out on a small peak not too far away. They knew they had to hurry because genies don’t just come around all the time. They arrived, wish was granted, and the wife soon started showing the signs of pregnancy.

The soon-to-be parents were elated, they were finally having the child they always wanted. However, when their baby was born, their excitement turned to shock and confusion. They had a boy, a boy with bright orange hair and bronze colored skin. His skin had strange, almost glowing orange lines and swirls all over his body and his eyes were the same color, almost pupil-less. They sought help from doctors, but they didn’t know what was the cause. They sought help from the town elders, but they were baffled. One of the Elder women sent them to an old mage, he was their best bet for an answer.

The family traveled to the mage, hoping he could fix their baby. The mage inspected the infant boy, asked about his conception. They told him about the genie, and he quickly realized what happened. First, he told them that when the genie impregnated the woman, he didn’t make the husband the father; he made himself the father. Their son was half genie. Then he explained the differences between genies. This genie made himself appear to be a Djinni (blue, cloud tail, magic lamp, Aladdin style), but he was actually an Efreeti (red, horns, not good at all). He told them of other Genasi that had gone on to live very productive lives, but they must take extra concern with teaching him right and wrong, to make sure his dark heritage doesn’t take him over.

So they went on, raised Keno as if he was 100% their own. However, by the time he was 4 years old, the townspeople forced them to leave, somewhat understandable when your child looks kinda like a demon, can make fire with his hands, and who’s first words were in Primordial. They left and went to the nearest village. It was near a river across a small forest, it was an Elf village though. They intended to live here, but one of the Elders told them of a group of traveling nomads that they traded with, when they were around. This group consisted of Elves, Gnomes, and Genasi. The parents, taking this as best they could, looked at this as an opportunity for their son to be around others like him, and not seem like a freak. They were guided by some of the Elvish rangers that had recently met with the nomads and welcomed with open arms for the first time in Keno’s life. The nomads were mostly Druids. There were a few rangers and even a bard. Many of them were regular people, just doing what they needed to survive. There were a couple different Genasi in the group, a family of Watersoul Genasi and a few Earthsoul Genasi. There was only one other Firesoul Genasi and Keno instatnly looked up to him. He was quite old and looked like he had his fair share of battles in his life, but he still had a warm, welcoming glow to him. His name was Mishal and he took Keno under his wing when Keno told him that he wanted to be a Druid too.

For years Mishal trained the eager boy. Taught him how to read the earth, hear the voices of nature, and shape the elements. He mainly taught him patience, to not get angry too quickly, as firesouls tend to do. Keno and his parents grew to be a part of the community. Keno’s father was a potter, and made all sorts of clay cookware, vases, and mugs for the nomads. Keno would always help to keep the kiln going. The genasi also explained what the lines and swirls were on Keno’s skin. They’re called szulder and each Genasi’s is different.

Keno’s parents couldn’t be prouder of the man their son was becoming, and for his eighteenth birthday they threw him the grandest party they could. They cooked a large feast and traded for wine from the Elves. Keno couldn’t have been happier.

Of course, that’s when thing go the worst for protagonists about to start a journey.

While everyone was in the middle of celebration around the bonfire that night, the fire suddenly roared up to quadruple it’s size. A figure appeared in the flame, followed by a handful more. Out of the fire stepped 7 Firesoul Genasi, the lead was a tall, strong male. He said " my name is Brenton, and we’re here to take you back to our father," looking at Keno.

Needless to say, there was refusal, threatening, then fighting. I’m getting tired

These Genasi faught relentlessly, but Mishal approached them, demanding they stop. They refused. He started attacking them while telling everyone else to get back. He held them off on his own. When they started getting the upper hand, he did something that Keno still aspires to be able to do today. He transformed into a giant phoenix. As he fought, the intruders fell one by one until it was just Mishal and Brenton. Mishal had worn himself out taking the others down. At this point, he was almost out of gas. Brenton knew he had to strike or he could be slain just like his kin. As Mishal swooped down to take Brenton out, Brenton was able to pierce the old Druid’s gut with his schimitar, killing him. He started to gloat over his victory as he turned towards Keno, only to be met with a spear to the chest, Keno on the other side.

All of the firespawned Genasi had been slain, but many of the nomads met their end too. Keno realized that his parents were missing. He started searching the camp, he headed to their tent. That’s when he saw them on their knees, bound, with one more of the Genasi, a female with long red hair, pale skin, and reddish-orange szulder and eyes standing behind them. The genasi said “Father told me to cut your ties to this world,” and decapitated them before Keno could react. The Genasi then escaped out of the back of the tent, vanishing. Keno tried to catch her, but couldn’t find her.

The nomads buried the dead and mourned for them. Keno decided that he wanted to part with them, as he didn’t want anything else to happen to them because of him. After he had been traveling for years, he headed to an area he’d never been to before, an area no one had traveled to in a long while in the far south. He was able to get voyage on a ship with a Wood Elf named Mattock. They explored this new area together for a bit when they were asked to join and adventuring guild to help defeat a dragon that was blocking a mountain pass. Keno thought that this would be a great opportunity to become stronger and face the genie that murdered his nomadic tribe, his mentor, and his parents. To say the least, the group has been interesting…

Keno Cendrillion

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