Welcome to the Rogue Gamer's Guild hosted by Game Master Player!

Our campaign is set in a medieval land, with two regions separated by a mountain range ruled by a deadly dragon. Except no one has seen the dragon in a very long time. The characters are members of the illustrious Adventure Guild, who's soul purpose is to slay the dragon and reunite the kingdom. Except we are not the first guildies to try this. In fact, this guild has been throwing people at this dragon problem for a very long time. Nothing is at is seems, and we are generally terrible at figuring it out. 

Sounds interesting? We have two groups playing in the same realm. One streams every Wednesday and the other is every other Saturday. Check out our livestreams/youtube videos here: 

YouTube: https://t.co/3aBM7iWUwi

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/x_gmplayer_x

Rogue Gamers - D&D 5e game

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